“Are Foreclosed Properties Always a Good Deal?”

Home foreclosures are a hot topic these days. But what many of the reports on the increasing number of foreclosures seem to neglect to mention is what happens to properties after foreclosure. Since foreclosed properties are often sold at reduced prices buying a foreclosed property may be worth considering. However, there are some pitfalls to […]

“Moving Season”

More than 40 million Americans change residences each year, and a large number of those moves take place in the summer months. If you are preparing to move, it is important to know your rights and responsibilities when hiring a moving company. Most moving companies are legitimate, reputable businesses, but there are a growing number […]

“Arbitration Clauses in Contracts”

An arbitration clause is a section of a contract requiring disputes to be resolved through arbitration. If you have agreed to the terms of a credit card, insurance policy, or bank loan, you have probably agreed to an arbitration clause. Often the arbitration clause is included in the fine print of an agreement. Unfortunately, arbitration […]

“Correcting Credit Card Billing Mistakes”

Over the holiday period and during the sales, you will probably use your credit cards to make dozens of purchases. You also might return items and have amounts refunded to your credit card, and purchase items online. In an age of identity theft, it is more important that ever to keep track of your purchases […]

“Home Renovation: Contractors and Contracts”

You’ve decided that a renovation project will add good value to your home, you’ve settled on a budget, and you’ve decided how to finance your project. Now comes the most important decision: who will do the work? This article, the second in a series on home renovation, discusses how to select a contractor and reach […]

“Home Renovation: Completing the Project”

You’ve carefully planned and budgeted your home improvement project and have engaged your contractor. Now come the hard parts―living through the mess and making sure that your project is completed according to the terms of your contract. This article, the third and final in a series on home renovation, discusses some of the problems that […]