“Is It Time for an Estate Plan Checkup?”

Life doesn’t stand still, and after you’ve crafted an initial estate plan, your circumstances are likely to change-you may acquire more assets, the executor you originally selected may pass away, or you may contract a serious illness. Your children will grow up, or you and your spouse may split up. And the law may change, […]

“Protecting Your Nest Egg”

 During these uncertain financial times, many Americans are afraid to open up their 401(k) statements or are unsure of where to put their retirement savings besides under the mattress. Although the law can’t guarantee you a great return or help you pick the safest stocks, it can provide some important protections when you change jobs […]

“When Your Guests Drink and Drive: Understanding Dram-Shop and Social Host Liability Law”

Hosting a Super Bowl party for your friends and family can be a stressful time: What will you serve? Where will everyone sit? Is your television big enough? One of the last things you want to worry about is what happens if Uncle Stan drinks too much and then gets behind the wheel of a […]

“Tips to Remember When Selecting a Long-Term Care Insurance Plan”

English Before you choose a specific policy, check out the company. Be sure that the company you choose is likely to be around and solvent for a long time. Pick a company with a financial rating of B+ or better from financial-ratings services such as A.M. Best, Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s, and Weiss.. Make sure […]

“Military Families: Protect Your Credit History”

 If you or a member of your family is preparing for a military deployment, the last thing you want to deal with is identity theft. According to a Federal Trade Commission survey, in 2005 8.3 million Americans were victims of this crime. On average, these victims spent four hours working to restore their identity and […]

“Payday Loans: Quick Approval to Long-Term Debt?”

 In these tough financial times, having an extra bit of cash can add some important breathing room. Payday loans (sometimes called check loans, cash advances, or quick cash) can be attractive to individuals facing financial troubles. Although these quick loans may help some consumers, for others, they only create even more headaches. And it is […]

“Supreme Court Update: The Second Amendment”

In the much publicized “gun control case,” District of Columbia v. Heller, the modern Supreme Court took the first stab at defining the Second Amendment in over 60 years. Heller involved a challenge to gun-control regulations in the District of Columbia that were some of the toughest in the country: essentially banning all private handguns […]