“Is It Time for an Estate Plan Checkup?”

Life doesn’t stand still, and after you’ve crafted an initial estate plan, your circumstances are likely to change-you may acquire more assets, the executor you originally selected may pass away, or you may contract a serious illness. Your children will grow up, or you and your spouse may split up. And the law may change, […]

“Joint Ownership and Estate Planning”

When most people think about estate planning, they think about writing a will, in which they bequeath all their worldly goods to their surviving relatives and friends. However, some kinds of property, such as jointly owned property, do not pass through a will. Instead, when one joint owner dies, the property passes directly to the […]

“Many States Now Allow Dynasty Trusts”

Charitable trusts can last indefinitely―like the trusts that fund the Rhodes Scholarships and Pulitzer Prizes―but it used to be that private trusts (trusts set up to benefit private beneficiaries) could be no longer than the life of a person alive at the time the trust was created, plus twenty-one years. This provision―known as the rule […]

“Trigger Events for Changing Your Estate Plan”

An estate plan is your blueprint for where you want your property to go after you die. As part of planning your estate, you might need to write a will, create a trust, and name beneficiaries to your life insurance, among other things. Planning your estate properly ensures that your hard-earned property will be distributed […]