“Sunsets, Beaches, and Visas: Retiring Abroad”

These days, more Americans are thinking about retiring outside the United States. There can be some definite advantages to retiring abroad, but if you are evaluating such an option, be sure to consider the following issues. First, ask yourself why you want to retire in another country. Some people go for the weather; others for […]

“Thinking About Retirement? Time for a Legal-Check Up!”

Just as your health can benefit from regular medical checkups, periodic legal checkups help you avoid costly legal problems. These checkups allow you and your attorney to evaluate your current situation, examine options and risks, and explore any needed corrective steps. Although checkups are important throughout your life, they are of particular value before a […]

“Legal Update – Fourth Amendment”

As a passenger in a car stopped by police, you probably wouldn’t feel free to simply walk away. In June, the United States Supreme Court ruled that you aren’t expected to. Brendlin v. California asked the Court to decide whether a passenger in a car stopped by police should be considered “seized” within the meaning […]

“Intending Citizens”

Intending citizens are non-naturalized immigrants who are actively pursuing naturalization and have been: lawfully admitted to the U.S. for permanent residence (green-card holders); granted temporary residence in the U.S. under IRCA’s legalization program; granted asylum in the US under the Immigration and Nationality Act; or admitted to the U.S. as a refugee under the Immigration […]

“Holiday Travel – Know the Rules and Know Your Rights

With the holidays fast approaching, you likely have a lot on your mind – travel arrangements, work schedules, parties, and gifts. If you do plan on traveling, particularly on an airplane, you may want to take a moment to review the rules and regulations for air travel. The first question many have when confronting airport […]

“Neighborly Relations”

With the warm weather, many Americans enjoy outdoor activities, reacquainting themselves with backyards and patios. These activities sometimes result in disputes with neighbors. Now that you’re sitting on your deck again, you’ve noticed that your neighbor’s tree has a dead branch hanging precariously over your prized petunias. Or maybe the fifteen-year-old kid next door has […]

“Moving Season”

More than 40 million Americans change residences each year, and a large number of those moves take place in the summer months. If you are preparing to move, it is important to know your rights and responsibilities when hiring a moving company. Most moving companies are legitimate, reputable businesses, but there are a growing number […]

“Preappoved Credit Card Offers”

If you have a credit card and a decent credit record, chances are that you receive dozens of “prescreened” or “preapproved” offers for credit cards every month. There’s nothing wrong with these offers. You get them because companies that solicit new credit card accounts have asked a consumer reporting company for a list of people […]