“Legal Update – Fourth Amendment”

As a passenger in a car stopped by police, you probably wouldn’t feel free to simply walk away. In June, the United States Supreme Court ruled that you aren’t expected to. Brendlin v. California asked the Court to decide whether a passenger in a car stopped by police should be considered “seized” within the meaning […]

“Neighborly Relations”

With the warm weather, many Americans enjoy outdoor activities, reacquainting themselves with backyards and patios. These activities sometimes result in disputes with neighbors. Now that you’re sitting on your deck again, you’ve noticed that your neighbor’s tree has a dead branch hanging precariously over your prized petunias. Or maybe the fifteen-year-old kid next door has […]

“Resolving Disputes―Without Going to Court”

Disputes arise every day―at work, at home, and in the marketplace. In a single day you might have a dispute with your boss about a promised promotion; a dispute with your ex-spouse about child support; a dispute with your phone company about being overcharged; and a dispute with a neighbor about who should fix the […]

“Arbitration Clauses in Contracts”

An arbitration clause is a section of a contract requiring disputes to be resolved through arbitration. If you have agreed to the terms of a credit card, insurance policy, or bank loan, you have probably agreed to an arbitration clause. Often the arbitration clause is included in the fine print of an agreement. Unfortunately, arbitration […]