“Legal Implications of Living Together”

If you are unmarried and live with a significant other, you are by no means alone. Increasing numbers of couples are choosing to live together without being formally married. Generally referred to in the law as “cohabitating,” the popularity of this living arrangement has many causes: the desire of many young people to marry later […]

“Reviewing Custody”

As blended families become steadily more prevalent, it is important that parents understand their rights and responsibilities. With youngsters out of school for the summer, custody agreements are on many peoples’ minds as noncustodial parents around the country exercise their legal parenting time (often called visitation rights). If you are considering divorce, the custody arrangement […]

“Domestic Partnerships and Civil Unions”

If a couple is unmarried, each person must do a lot of additional paperwork―from writing a will to drafting powers of attorney for health care―to have the same rights as a married person. And there are some rights that married people are entitled to, such as the right to government benefits through their spouse, that […]