“Payday Loans: Quick Approval to Long-Term Debt?”

 In these tough financial times, having an extra bit of cash can add some important breathing room. Payday loans (sometimes called check loans, cash advances, or quick cash) can be attractive to individuals facing financial troubles. Although these quick loans may help some consumers, for others, they only create even more headaches. And it is […]

“Home Foreclosures: Know Your Rights”

Foreclosures are big news these days. Between sub-prime mortgages falling apart and the stalling housing market, you could be forgiven for thinking most homeowners are on the verge of foreclosure. Although this is clearly not the case, if you are one of the unfortunate homeowners teetering on the edge of foreclosure, or against whom foreclosure […]

“Bankruptcy and Credit Counseling”

Unfortunately, major debt is a reality in many Americans’ lives. In October 2005, the Federal government passed a new bankruptcy law affecting millions of Americans. Among other things, the law requires individual or group credit counseling within 180 days prior to filing a bankruptcy petition. The Federal Trade Commission has issued the following warning regarding […]

“Preappoved Credit Card Offers”

If you have a credit card and a decent credit record, chances are that you receive dozens of “prescreened” or “preapproved” offers for credit cards every month. There’s nothing wrong with these offers. You get them because companies that solicit new credit card accounts have asked a consumer reporting company for a list of people […]

“Correcting Credit Card Billing Mistakes”

Over the holiday period and during the sales, you will probably use your credit cards to make dozens of purchases. You also might return items and have amounts refunded to your credit card, and purchase items online. In an age of identity theft, it is more important that ever to keep track of your purchases […]